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We Buy Used Cars

When your well-loved ride is costing too much to maintain, or the odometer has recycled more than once, it may be time to sell. For a vehicle that has been a road warrior for so long, you might not think there is a market for it. Think again. Leveille's , your source for quality used car parts will buy used cars as well. The fact is, we are always interested in purchasing junk and late model vehicles, even those that have been in an accident or are considered wrecked. We offer competitive prices for your vehicle and will remove it from its current location without charge!

When they buy used cars, what does Leveille's do with these junk vehicles? Why recycle, of course! Our sister company, Chase Waste Management, employs the latest scrap metal recycling technologies to prevent damage to the environment. We prepare junk cars by draining and responsibly reclaiming all fluids and gases. This is an essential service in the auto recycling reclamation industry. Our services are carried out in full compliance with State of Connecticut laws and regulations, too.

Donate Your Used Car

Yet another alternative is to donate your car. There are a number of worthy charities who offer this service and benefit greatly from vehicle donations. In addition to knowing that you're helping others, you'll receive a tax deduction. Contact us for more information.

Remember, for anyone who owns a car and wants to beat the sometimes high cost in keeping a vehicle on the road, Leveille's is the only name you need to know. For quality new and used car parts, we have a comprehensive inventory at our four Connecticut locations. Our sister comopany, Chuck and Eddie's Auto Parts has stores in Hartford, New Haven and Southington, CT. And of course, we sell world-wide on the internet and ebay.

CLICK HERE to learn about our scrap metal recycling program.